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Introducing the new issue of No Limits Magazine, out in Summer 2020

Bringing you a much-needed agegasm…

It’s with great pleasure that we share with you 120 plus pages of lush inspiration & affirmation that there’s no need to accept the prescribed ‘rules of engagement’ associated with ageing. This issue is devoted to why ‘Doing What You Love’ is crucial to your later life goals.

No Limits creator sees her own 63year old life as being no less relevant now to how it’s ever been; a constantly evolving rollercoaster of joy/despair & all stops in-between. It’s L-I-F-E in glorious technicolour & it’s not going to stop until she trots off to the next big adventure at the final curtain call! The magnificent Kirsten Scott-Thomas says of the menopause over a martini or three in Fleabag: ‘The f***ing menopause comes and it is the most wonderful f***ing thing in the world. And yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get f***ing hot and no one cares – but then, you’re free. You’re no longer a slave, no longer a machine with parts. You’re just a person, in business.’

I’m off to smell the summer blossom & edit the stories of our naughty 70yr old No Limits cover ‘girl’, & the punk rocker turned trout lover… It’s all about balance…

Love & peace always
Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

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